Clothing: Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable while you worship.

Music: We sing every week at PCC. At our song service is led by our music minister and a team of singers on stage. On any given Sunday you may see us using guitars, drums, a keyboard, or any other instrument that leads us in our worship of God.

Biblical Preaching: Each week we open the Bible and hear a sermon that helps us understand how God's Word applies to our lives. If you don't have a Bible, we're happy to give you one, free of charge.

•The Lord's Supper: Each week we take time to remember Christ's death and celebrate His resurrection. Believers are welcome to join us as we focus on the sacrifice Jesus made for us and the community He commissioned as His church.

Weekly Offering: Your gift to us is your presence; please do not feel any pressure to contribute at this time. If you choose to contribute, we thank you for your generosity.

CREW Kids Worship: 2 year olds through 5th graders will gather during our morning sermon for age based times of teaching. (CREW=Christ Rules Everywhere) 

•CREW Studies: We offer 3 different adult classes as well as classes for children of all ages.  These classes are offered on Sunday mornings at 9:30. We also offer other times of study based on needs and desires of those interested in deepening their relationship with God.